Singer? Musician? Dancer? Actor? Business owner? I offer an all inclusive package, tailored specifically to your portraiture needs. As a business owner and an ex performer myself, I understand well what is needed for publicity photos, headshots and personal branding.

Broadcaster and presenter Cat Cubie.

Broadcaster and presenter Cat Cubie.


With a unique perspective having been on both sides of the camera, I am able to offer a truly comprehensive service for performers of all kinds. I have experience in getting both headshots and publicity photos taken for programmes, publicity posters and my website so I know, well, the variety of images that a performer often needs. Whether you need classic and minimalist images that show you as a blank canvas who could take on a multitude of roles, or you are a singer wanting to show your personality and character in an image, we will discuss your needs and plan a shoot that ensures you leave with the images you need to represent yourself. I see these photoshoots as a collaboration and value your input to the process.

We work together to choose a location that will best suit the style of images you are looking for. Whether this is out on location, utilising the stunning Scottish countryside we have at our fingertips, or a more urban setting, we will discuss what will accentuate the look you want.

Personal Branding

In this age of social media being such a huge influence in marketing strategies, imagery has huge value. Alongside this increase in social media marketing has been a surge in small businesses with people feeling empowered to start up their own business and take charge of their futures and their careers. Having a catalogue of images to use for social media is a huge advantage to small businesses who must prioritise time efficiently. If you were to spend half an hour every day trying to get the perfect selfie or business image, you would spend an entire week every quarter, on this alone. So having that catalogue of images that you can work through and draw from, is a significant time saver. Personal branding photography can take many forms and with prices being all inclusive, you can know that you are receiving value for money, allowing you to return each quarter or every six months to update your portfolio and further reach your clients on social media.