Getting in the picture with your kids

Why it’s so important to be in photos with your children.

Mother and son

Since having my own kids I have come to realise how important it is to be in the frame with them. My kids love looking at photos of themselves as babies and toddlers, but what I realised was that the photos they are most drawn to, are the ones with my husband or I in them. The photos of us all snuggling, or daddy being a horsey for them, are the photos they spend the longest looking at.

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So often I hear parents say that they just want photos of the kids. They say they just want to capture their children’s personalities before they grow and change. But the thing is, photos aren’t just taken to be looked at now. They are taken for history as well as nostalgia. They are for looking back on in a year, in ten years, in forty years!


Clinical therapists have reported that more than anything, children need us to feel joy when we are with them, it makes them feel deeply appreciated and accepted just as they are. Now imagine the delight children feel when they see photos printed and framed in their home - the love their parents have for them is literally hung on the wall, to be seen every moment of every day. It is why I am also passionate about photos being printed and made into real life, tangible prints. They’re not just saved on a computer hard drive, but printed, looked at, laughed over and loved.

As a mother, I know the pressures mothers are under these days. All the decisions that are laid at our doors - how we feed our babies, how we settle them to sleep, how much screen time they get, whether we are stay at home mothers or mothers returning to work and juggling home life with a career. We feel constantly scrutinised and pressured, to be the best mother, and with all of that, time for ourselves falls to bottom of the list. We put our children’s needs ahead of our own because we love them and that is why we have the phrase “mum guilt”. So often we make excuses not to be in photos, we want to lose weight first, get our greys dyed, get a new outfit. But the thing is, that’s not what our kids see when they look at photos of us. They see love, they see fun, and they see the people who would go to the very ends of the earth for them.

So please, for yourselves and for your children, join in the photos, join in the fun, and you will treasure those photos as much as they will.

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Father and son in the park