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What is lifestyle photography?

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With so many different styles of photography about, it is important to know what you would like to get out your photos when looking for a photographer.

So why Nadine Boyd Photography? Why lifestyle photography?

The whole reason I started my journey with photography was because of my children. I wanted to treasure every moment of their childhoods, for me and for them to look back on. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and because of this I see emotion all around me. I love seeing the connection in each relationship, be it a couple on their wedding day or a family of three welcoming the newest addition to their family. New and exciting connections are being made around us all the time and I think that makes for the most beautiful photos. 

A mother’s look of love

A mother’s look of love

Lifestyle photographer Glasgow

A photo that focuses on the people in it, their relationships and how they feel in that moment is exactly what I want to capture. This is why I love lifestyle photography.

People often say that they want candid photos, natural photos. But often, when the camera comes out and people are aware of it, candid disappears. Calls for “say cheese” abound, and kids develop smiles that are all teeth and are never normally seen, other than when they are asked to smile on demand! This is where lifestyle photographing comes in.

With a lifestyle photo shoot the pressure is off. The focus isn’t on the camera, but on each other. With very minimal direction, I will guide you on how to stand together. A baby on the hip, a toddler up on someone’s shoulders, a teenager sitting side by side with a parent or sibling, all normal, every day ways that you would interact with each other. Then you chat. You joke, you hug, you tickle. But most of all you focus on each other, not me, and that is when the magic happens. You forget about the camera, about saying cheese, and you just have fun together, as a family, all the while having your photo taken as I move around you capturing the different laughs, looks and love that is clear to see. Often these photo shoots happen outdoors, be it in a country park or city centre, anywhere goes, and so we will walk, then stop, maybe have a wee seat, or take advantage of some lovely light and then you will get to be yourselves, just having fun. There is no pressure, no expectations on little ones, we go with the flow and I promise the outcome is pictures filled with all the love you felt in the moment, laughing with your family.

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So if a relaxed photoshoot with beautiful photos of your family having fun sounds like your cup of tea, then I would love to hear from you.

Glasgow family photographer

Glasgow family photographer