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Dance photography | Glasgow

Performers put in so much time and dedication to the development of their skills and preparing for performances.

Beautiful costumes, graceful moves, and strength of mind and body are all on the go at once. With all that goes into this by the performers themselves and those supporting them, it can be very special to capture this dedication with a specialised photoshoot.

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Existing in photos with your children this Mother's Day

Mother's day is an emotional and often sensitive day for so many people, for so many different reasons. 

Seeing joy, love, excitement, shyness and toddler tantrums in a photo fills me with a sense of reality, of life and of living. I love the view point that an unposed image gives us as the viewer. The way that documentary photography can draw you in and make you feel like you are in that moment with the subjects of the photo is so powerful. It is real and it is honest and that is what I love most, how perfectly imperfect life is. It is so important to exist in photos with our children. Do we want to look back when these years have passed us by and realise there are no photos because we were waiting for the perfect moment? There is no moment more perfect than right now to be in photos with your family. I am so thankful to my mum for taking so many photos as we grew up, with family members, on our own, with her an my dad. Photos decorated our house and now they decorate my home too.

What photos would you choose to be in this Mother’s Day?

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What is lifestyle photography | Glasgow family photographer

People often say that they want candid photos, natural photos. But often, when the camera comes out and people are aware of it, candid disappears. Calls for “say cheese” abound, and kids develop smiles that are all teeth and are never normally seen, other than when they are asked to smile on demand! This is where lifestyle photographing comes in.

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A snowy day in Glasgow | Top three tips for photographing in snow

Last year I went out and got lovely snow photos of the kids with my husband and the dog (who thinks that days with snow are the very best days!), and I love them. But this year I am challenging myself to take more of the photos I love the most, the truly documentary style photos. That means zero direction.

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