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As 2019 begins, I find myself looking forward to what this year could bring. In the past I have always felt like I should have at least one resolution for the new year, but I can’t think of many, if any, that I have actually stuck to. The very fact I can’t think what any of my past resolutions have been, suggests that they didn’t last long, certainly not long enough to have been memorable! So this year I have decided to have goals instead of resolutions. Things I want to achieve instead of things I want to give up or do more of. 

I started my photography business last year, wait no, we are in a new year! I started photographing families in Glasgow part time in 2017 and this grew to the point of it being my full time job for the last six months. And I love it. Really love it. Being invited by families and couples to photograph their most special relationships and the love in their lives is such a privilege. I am a heart on my sleeve, led by my emotions kind of girl and the most important thing in life to me are the people I love. The people that make me, me! My husband and my two babies (although don’t use that word in front of my youngest - at two and a half he is most certainly NOT a baby, he is a big boy, no other word will be deemed acceptable) are what drives me. I want to capture every stage of their lives, as they grow, as they change and as they love so sweetly, fiercely, and innocently.

Birth photography | Glasgow

I have two goals for this year, both of which are photography led. The first is born out of a wish that I had these very kinds of photos. I would love to photograph a birth. The incredible power and strength that women go through during labour, the connection between a mother and her partner, on the cusp of becoming parents for the first time or for a second, third, fourth child. And then that moment, when a baby takes it’s first breath, and a mother holds her most precious bundle in her arms. The emotion, the exhaustion, the hormones, everything is in a heightened state and I only wish I had known of the candid nature of birth photography before I gave birth to my babies so I could have those moments to look back on now. Whether you are planning a home birth with a midwife and a doula or you are going to be giving birth in hospital, I would love to chat about your birth plans and ideals with you.

My second goal is to do my first “Day in the Life” project. I plan to start this by doing one of these with my own family and then I would love to capture a day for other families. So much of what we see these days on social media are highlights of life. The picture perfect moments where everyone is dressed right, looking how we want and where we want. Don’t get me wrong, I have those very photos on my walls, full of colour and happiness, and I love having them as much as I love taking them for other families. But there is so much to be seen through documentary style photography. The routine. The highs. The lows - the tantrums. Brushing teeth and putting on wellies, doing the nursery run and singing out loud in the car. Feeding little ones dinner and reading bedtime stories, these are the moments that fill our days and are so easily forgotten. But they are life, they are reality and I know I look back at these kinds of reportage photography of my own family, and treasure them the most.

Day in the life | Glasgow documentary photography

So I’m excited, I’m ready to go and I hope to meet you and your family this year for a photo shoot and some fun. If you are an expectant mother in Glasgow and would be interested in birth photography, or if you like the sound of a day in the life shoot with your family, I would love to chat with you.

Happy 2019!!!