A little bit of lifestyle - Glasgow family photography


I absolutely love lifestyle photography. It is the perfect style for capturing families, children and weddings. But what is lifestyle photography? In a nutshell - storytelling.


Often, photo shoots consist of getting everyone to sit nicely and look at the camera with a smile. And these photos are important, absolutely, which is why every session will include them, because they can be beautiful and special. But what if there is another way? What if we can capture genuine connection and love? Body language conveys so much more than we can pose and recreate. Those giggles that come from a tickle, or the happiness in a mother's face when her child kisses her cheek, these are the moments that I think make truly stunning photos.

 To me photography lasts a lifetime. First there is the fun of the session or the event that is being photographed. Then there is the excitement as you view your photos for the first time - how did they turn out? That is followed by framing your favourites or printing an album and looking at them fondly as you walk past them in your home. And then finally, and this is top of my list of reasons why I take so many photos, these photos are there for our children to look back on, to remember happy and fun childhoods, filled with love and laughter.


So when you book a lifestyle session with me, lets plan something fun. Fancy a spot of baking? Imagine the kid's smiles as they lick the chocolate out the bowl, not to mention the brilliant messy faces, or the laughter as the flour goes everywhere and all the bubbles involved in the washing up! Not a fan of mess, no problem at all, how about races in the park or the whole family cuddled up on the bed reading a book together. To me that is story telling, having a series of photos that truly capture the love, chaos, fun and unique dynamics that make up a family.


These photos are of my two children. My daughter is a very dynamic young lady, full of expression and emotion. She talks to her brother with such animation, no matter what she is telling him - sometimes she is explaining something, sometimes she tells him off, and sometimes she is telling him how much she loves him and that he shouldn't ever be scared because she will always be there for him. Then my sweet little boy, who adores his big sister more than anything in the world, listens to her with such intensity and devotion. He literally hangs off every word she says. I love this series of photos, every time I look at them I will remember her holding his chin and saying "I love you my darling" and I will feel the warmth of his gaze which fills me with happiness, but I will cherish them as a whole because they show them, as they are at this point in their lives, and the relationship between them which will no doubt change in the blink of an eye.