What to expect - family sessions, Glasgow photography

Hide and seek

Children’s and family sessions.

So you want to book a photography session for your family, but where to start? With so many options out there and so many styles available, the most important thing is to decide what you want to gain from your photos. What do you want to see when you look at your photos hanging on your wall or filling the pages of a photo album?

For me, lifestyle photography is what I love most. If you were to see my home, the walls are covered in photos of my family being themselves - kids running free, laughing wildly and generally just having fun. Photo shoots with kids are fast paced and HIGH energy, they keep me on my toes and I love that. When they are allowed to let out all that energy, the fun comes through in the photos and that’s what I am always striving for. Lovely smiles aren’t the only marker of a good photo, body language can show so much about the connection and emotions between people and with movement comes energy and fun.

What can you expect from a family session with me? Well for starters, I promise you can relax. I know first hand how it feels to watch as your child refuses to cooperate with the photographer when asked to sit still and pose. Even with the lovely photos we got from that session, it was shortly after this experience (as in that very same day) that I discovered lifestyle photography and started my journey creating beautiful pictures that show real life. And believe me, you can capture an incredible range of expressions from a child when they are simply allowed to be themselves. For this reason, my ideal is to have our session outdoors where there is ample room and lots of different places for us to discover together. We will walk and talk so the children and I can get to know each other and they can feel at ease, all the while I have my camera at the ready. We will stop every now and again to focus on some photos together and then be on the move again. If you have very young children then I am more than happy to come to you at home where they can roam around and play in an environment they are content in, and if your school aged children are much more comfortable at home baking, crafting or reading, then we can do this too. The main thing is to capture your family as it is happiest so that you have photos that will transport you back in years to come and offer a snapshot of exactly what life was like over the years.

The word “cheese” is banned from all my shoots, so lets play, run, sing and have an adventure.